Exciting Changes

Peter du Toit, exciting changes

Hi all.

Thank you for all your support in helping us grow ThisIsFootball.Africa. We have listened to your comments, opinions and advice. 

Thank you to those of you who took the time to discuss how you like and want to receive content and your preferred avenues for receiving content.  As always you are our boss and it’s our duty to deliver on what you want and more importantly to understand how you want to receive your content. Therefore as of now, we won’t be producing any more web-based content.  All our future content will be YouTube and social media based.

We have an exciting lineup of content planned.

I will host a weekly show where I will interview local and international football personalities who will “say it like it is”  on the most relevant topics of the week. I promise you that this will be a no holds barred show where we push the boundaries. Please let me know who you would like me to interview and the hard questions you would like answered.

We will also host a weekly show whereby we will bring you what is being said in the inside track on the PSL clubs in terms on transfer news, hiring and firing of coaches and highlighting the expectations we have of our players and clubs versus what is being achieved.

We also have some exciting guests lined up with their own shows on our platform. I am personally very excited about this and we should conclude these negotiations shortly.

We will also produce some new and innovative ways of looking at our football and also look at how you our readers can get involved with the platform.

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