“Chiefs Need Someone Who will Coach the Coach!”

Arthur Zwane and Dillon-Sheppard Kaizer Chiefs

Here is the story: Man B, a famous Kaizer Chiefs fan, who is famous for his social media videos, where he speaks about issues surrounding his favorite club, believes that the Arthur Zwane, and Dillon Sheppard combination is not working for Amakhosi.

“This thing of Dillon Sheppard and Arthur Zwane is not working. We need someone who is going to tell Arthur Zwane what to do,” said Man B in one of his videos.

He believes that Arthur Zwane has all the say in the Kaizer Chiefs dressing room, and that Sheppard respects him too much to challenge his decisions.

” I can smell that Arthur Zwane is bullying Dillon Sheppard, because that Sheppard is quiet. Sheppard respects Arthur Zwane too much.

“How can you allow the coach to change those who are attacking the opponents? We are not happy as Kaizer Chiefs supporters.

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The fact of the matter is: Man B’s sentiments might be taken lightly, but in a way, there is some truth in them.

The Kaizer Chiefs technical, no disrespect intended, needs some strengthening.

The time of thin technical teams where the head coach used to monopolize the decision is long gone.

If Kaizer Chiefs want to keep Zwane as their head coach, they need to build a strong technical team to surround him. People who can challenge him, not a group of yes men!

Man B shares the same sentiments.

“We need to hire someone who is going to coach the coach. Kaizer Chiefs is too big for Zwane, if the management wants to keep Zwane, they must hire someone to coach him,” says Man B.

“If Kaizer Chiefs management wants Zwane to build Kaizer Chiefs, they must hire someone to build Zwane first! Because we are going nowhere! There is a lot of potential at Kaizer Chiefs. But we need someone who is going to be able to use that potential.”

In a nutshell: Amakhosi must make some additions to their technical team, and those additions must not be sentimental ones, but they must be top coaches who can push Arthur Zwane’s thought processes to another level.

It should not be just about bringing in legends who understand the culture of the club, but people with knowledge of modern football trends, who are not stuck in their own glory days.

Man B is right, there is a lot of potential in that Kaizer Chiefs team, it just needs to be guided towards the right direction.

Zwane and Sheppard can’t do it alone.

And the other fans think: “My point exactly.  He needs someone who is not afraid to tell him if he is doing it wrong.  Doctor khumalo can do that but I am afraid they will end up fighting,” @Takalani Mr-t

Arthur Zwane and Dillon-Sheppard Kaizer Chiefs
Arthur Zwane and Dillon-Sheppard Kaizer Chiefs