Karim Bencherifa : “The Belgium Game is over…”

Karim Bencheriffa, currently head coach of Ittihad Zemmouri Khemisset FC, in Morroco

Well known Morrocan born coach Karim Bencherifa, who has traversed the globe, and has undoubtable football knowledge and experience, from no less than four continents, shared his views about Morocco’s recent 2 – 0 triumph over Belgium. The result sent shockwaves through the global soccer fraternity igniting a fresh renewed hope, not only for Moroccan people, but also for the UNAF region, as well as fans across the African continent and the Arab world.

Coach Karim Bencherifal, who opted to sideline careers in both architecture and medicine, for the sake of pursuing a dream, a dream of playing a  role in football, is a man well versed and well placed to give his opinion on such results as Morocco’s recent FIFA World Cup 2022 showing in Qatar. 

Speaking to Adnan Nawaz, formerly of the BBC World News Sport, who is now presenting at Turkish based 24 hour English broadcaster TRT WORLD, coach Karim Bencherifa didn’t mince his words, when he told Adnan “The Belgium game is over…” highlighting the need for Moroccan National team coach Walid Regragui to bring his charges back down to earth, ahead of their final FIFA World Cup 2022 clash against Canada.

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Veteran coach Karim Bencherifa also stressed that there are no easy games at the World Cup, highlighting what most people who are well versed with the history of the ultimate global football showpiece have in the back of their minds, that no team should be underestimated at a tournament of this magnitude. 

Take a look at the following videos, to see what the Moroccan born coach had to say to Adnan Nawaz.

Three video’s

Video 1 Karim Bencherifa in conversation with Adnan Nawaz, TRT WORLD
Video 2 Karim Bencherifa in conversation with Adnan Nawaz, TRT WORLD
Video 3 Karim Bencherifa in conversation with Adnan Nawaz, TRT WORLD