KFC To Sue Kylian Mbappe?

PSG and France Superstar Kylian Mbappe

France and PSG superstar Kylian Mbappe has been at the heart of a lot of controversy in recent months, ranging from receiving the biggest contract in European football history to having a mini-spat with teammate Neymar. Now, the World Cup winner seems to be involved in even more drama, after it was revealed that KFC may be planning to sue Mbappe.

The 23-year-old missed the French national team’s photoshoot this week ahead of the World Cup. All national teams were required to have one during the current international break given it’s the last time the players will be involved in international fixtures until the tournament kicks off in Qatar.

However, Mbappe decided not to participate in it. In a statement released by the PSG striker, he revealed: “I have decided to not take part in the photoshoot after the French federation’s refusal to change the image rights agreement with the players.”

The Athletic revealed that in March this year, Mbappe was an instigator of a boycott of certain activities by footballers who did not want to be connected to such companies. These businesses include betting websites and fast-food restaurants.

One of the fast-food chains that Mbappe refuses to be associated with is KFC, which has resulted in public dispute between the PSG superstar and a director of KFC.

The vice-president of KFC France, Alain Beral, revealed to Sports Business Club that the corporation were contemplating taking legal action over the French International for declining to partake in the company’s mega-money agreement.

“We have paid for something clear. If necessary, we will assert our rights,” he said.

However, Mbappe may be less fearful of the threatened legal action after KFC France released a statement detaching the company from Alain Beral’s comments in an effort to tranquilize the situation amid high tensions. The company claimed its vice-president’s remarks were “personal opinions” and was not an accurate indication of the company’s standpoint on the circumstance.

Time will tell whether KFC France decides to follow the thinking of Beral and take legal action, or to just let the situation simmer down by not enforcing the contract.