Man United Legend Keane Reveals Shock Top 3 Premier League Managers

Graham Potter and Pep Guardiola shaking hands after an encounter between Man City and Brighton

Man United legend and former captain Roy Keane has recently revealed his current top 3 Premier League managers, and there are a couple of shock names on the list.

The 7-time Premier League winner and arguably greatest captain English football has seen, left some big names off his list, and included somewhat ‘smaller brand’ coaches.

At the top of the list is the obvious choice. Not even Roy Keane, who is the type of man that holds a grudge for a long time, can deny what Pep Guardiola has built with Man City, and what he’s accomplished throughout his managerial career.

Man City boss Pep Guardiola
Man City boss Pep Guardiola

“I’ve always had loads of time for Pep [Guardiola]. I know people say he’s always worked with the best players and the big clubs and big budgets, blah, blah, blah. But he still has to work with them, he still has to manage them, has to define his style of play, [and] still has to go out year in [and] year out. I like what he does,” said Keane on Sky Sports on Monday night.

The next two names on the list, however, will shock you.

Instead of hearing the likes of Jürgen Klopp, Antonio Conte or even Mikel Arteta whose Arsenal side currently lead the Premier League, the former Ireland International chose Brentford’s Thomas Frank and new Chelsea boss Graham Potter as the two other coaches to complete his top 3.

“I like the Brentford manager Thomas Frank. I like him. I like the way he comes across. Even when he was in the Championship a few years ago, I came across him. [He’s a] really good guy. And I like Graham Potter at Chelsea. I like the way his teams play.

“I like the way he comes across in the media [and] I’m delighted he’s got a chance at a big club like Chelsea. There’s all this talk, ‘how can you manage a big club and big egos and all this?’ Give the man a chance. He’s settling really well. Every time he speaks in interviews, I think he comes across really well.”

Thomas Frank has done a brilliant job at Brentford keeping them up last season and moulding the side into what looks like a team that’ll constantly be around midtable.

Furthermore, Graham Potter is most likely the best English coach in world football at the moment and has exhibited his capabilities throughout his time in the Premier League. His former club Brighton were often lauded as the team that play the best football outside the traditional ‘big six’ clubs. Chelsea appointing him is a testament to how well he’s done and how far he’s come. So it makes this selection a bit more understandable.

But still, it’s mindboggling to leave out Klopp and/or Conte.

Brentford manager Thomas Frank (left) and new Chelsea boss Graham Potter (right)
Brentford manager Thomas Frank (left) and new Chelsea boss Graham Potter (right)