Mathias Pogba: Paul Used a Witchdoctor At Euro 2016

Juventus Midfielder Paul Pogba (left) and his brother Mathias (right)

World Cup winner and current Juventus player Paul Pogba has been involved in a family feud over recent months with his brother, Mathias. After releasing 30 videos in succession on Twitter early on Friday morning, Mathias revealed that Paul Pogba used a witchdoctor for Euro 2016 in attempt to help guide Le Bleu to victory.

Mathias Pogba, who is also a professional footballer that spent the majority of his career in Europe’s lower leagues, is currently being detained by the French authorities. However, he revealed that the tweets exposing his brother was automated after being uncertain about being given a chance to bring out Paul’s secrets.

During one of the 30 videos released, Mathias states that his brother had become close to a witchdoctor, who was an associate of former French International Alou Diarra. Mathias continues, stating that the witchdoctor “Ibrahim” aimed to separate Paul Pogba from the rest of his family. He also states that Pogba paid the witchdoctor between €75 000 and €100 000 every second month.

In another one of the videos, Mathias claims that the former Manchester United star had used his relationship with the witchdoctor to cast spells on Paul’s teammates, including Kylian Mbappe.

Furthermore, Paul allegedly used the witchdoctor many more times, including burying a piece of paper under the pitch, apparently to help cast spells. Mathias also claims that Paul requested the witchdoctor to cast spells that would aid his attempts at being triumphant in certain competitions.

“Like in the Euro 2016 final, where strange things happened such as the swarm of butterflies before the match, or for the Europa League final in 2017,” said Mathias on Twitter.

“The mask is coming off, just like with R.Kelly, Weinstein and Mendy (likely referring to Benjamin Mendy). You will see that it is not a pretty sight. Being famous does not mean that you are a good person. Nobody is above the law. You should also know that I did not want to make this video, and if I am doing it, it is really, really not because of jealousy. I did not want to be in this situation, which I will explain, and which I am forced into, and it was my brother who pushed me.”

The feud between Mathias and Paul Pogba seems to just be getting messier. The Juve midfielder is currently sidelined through injury, which will allow him time off to try and calm the situation down between the brothers.