Portia Modise Criticises SAFA for Bafana Failure

Former Banyana Banyana captain Portia Modise

Former Banyana Banyana captain Portia Modise has lashed out to critisize the South African Football Association (SAFA), as  Bafana Bafana continue failing to qualify for the World Cup and African Cup of Nations.

South Africa failed to qualify for the African Cup of Nations last year, suffering a 2-0 defeat to Sudan where they only needed a simple draw, and they couldn’t qualify for the World Cup that is currently underway in Qatar.

SAFA has been under fire for its lack of development structures, with Bafana Bafana performing dismally since 1996, when they were crowned champions at the African Cup of Nations.

Modise, once a fan favourite player of Banyana Banyana, has criticised SAFA leadership—saying that they have failed football in the country.

“We need to focus on the development space, we can’t jump some steps and expect positive results, never, look when Bafana Bafana play no one cares anymore because we don’t have leadership,” Modise told ThisIsFootball.Africa.

“If we had a good leadership like Samuel Etoo, the love would come back because we would have a president who is passionate about football, who recognises a player who is not giving anything to the national team because he knows football, he played the game, he understands the game.

“Even when you build a house, you start with a foundation until to the roof, it’s a step by step to make sure that your house is proper, do you get it? So, how is it our football going to be proper while we jump some steps.”

When coach Hugo Broos joined the national team as head coach last year, he stated that much needed to be done by the mother body to develop young players for future.

However, some supporters criticised his selection of the squad, and Modise feels the nation is still far from getting it right when coach Broos is being attacked for saying what she believes is the truth.

“If coach Hugo Broos can expose what is wrong in the national team and people attack him, then we still have a long way to go,” an angry Modise said.

“If the coach figures out the problem, and we turn a blind eye, then we have a problem as a country. Why we need help because we don’t want help. You only help people who need help.”

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Bafana Bafana players during their recent match against Angola at Mbombela Stadium
Bafana Bafana players during their recent match against Angola at Mbombela Stadium