Sundowns Can Save Broos A Lot Of Headaches

Bafana Bafama coach Hugo Broos. Photo- Samuel Shivambu:BackpagePix

As Hugo Broos prepares to select his squad for the upcoming Afcon qualifiers against Liberia in March 2023, he must consider taking page out of Vincente Del Bosque, the 2010 world cup winning coach with Spain.

Del Bosque had seven Barcelona players in his starting line up for the world cup final against Netherlands, with three from Real Madrid, and one from Villareal.

During that period, Barcelona were playing their best football, Tiki Taka as it is famously known, they could pass their opponents off the park with their brand of possession football.

And it was not just about playing beautiful football, they were winning.

Before the 2010 world cup, they had just won the Uefa Champions League, as well as the FCWC.

Barcelona’s success was transferred into the Spanish national team, and the rest is history.

Now, let us turn our attention to Bafana Bafana and South African football.

The national team has not been doing well for years, and that has led to them failing to qualify for both the Afcon and the world cup.

We have become mere spectators when it comes to major tournaments, which is sad for a country that calls itself a football nation.

Bafana Bafana needs to start qualifying for Afcon tournaments and the world cup, they have to take back their place amongst the best in Africa, a position they occupied after the 1996 Afcon triumph, and France 98 world cup qualification.

We cannot keep talking about 1996 anymore, that river ran dry a long time ago, it is time to achieve new success.

Hugo Broos has bemoaned the lack of high quality South African footballers he can build his team around.

And no one can argue with him on that, Broos is right, how many players do we have who play for the top European clubs, and regularly play Uefa Champions League football?

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I guess we all know the answer to that.

Broos has had to bang his head against many a thick selection walls, and he must be getting tired of the pain.

He does have a remedy for his pain though, and it is right under his nose, that remedy is Mamelodi Sundowns.

How Can Downs cure Broos’s headache?

Mamelodi Sundowns, without a shadow of a doubt, are currently the best team in South Africa, they have the best players, they play the best football, and they are regular participants in the CAFCL.

They might not be enjoying Barcelona’s continental, and international success of 2009, which was smoothly transferred into the Spanish national team, but the fact is, they are Hugo Broos’s best shot at success.

The type of football the Brazilians play, can easily be transferred into Bafana Bafana, with the bulk of Mamelodi Sundowns players being given national team call-ups.

They would bring an identity, and a culture of success into Bafana, and that could be a battle half won for the national team coach.

Mamelodi Sundowns players may not win us the world cup, or even the Afcon, but they, together with players from overseas and the Dstv Premiership, who can fit into the Sundowns way of playing, can give us a better chance of qualifying and competing internationally.

The biggest stakeholders of the game are the fans! What are their views?


“Yes…matter of fact, make them the core and add with others and overseas based”


“He should, but we know he won’t do it.”


“Yes. They would make up the backbone of a working system.”


“He should vacate the position honestly.”


“He can even take the whole team and build from it by inviting from other team’s, there won’t be a need for starting from scratch.”


“Yes, quality, and experienced players.”


“Kuyafana this madala doesn’t like Downs players.

Bafana Bafama coach Hugo Broos. Photo- Samuel Shivambu:BackpagePix
Bafana Bafama coach Hugo Broos. Photo- Samuel Shivambu:BackpagePix