TTM Azwi Phasha: I get paid every month, yes I process payments

Captain Cheslyn Jampies leading Tshakhuma Tsha Madzivhandila (TTM) in the Motsepe Foundation Championship

Tshakhuma Tsha Madzivhandila (TTM) team manager Azwi Phasha said that he gets paid every month and is in charge of processing all the payments at the club. 

Phasha was interviewed on Metro FM by Andile Ncube about the issue of the TTM players not being paid for the last three months, which included former TTM captain Cheslyn Jampies who recently terminated his contract, because of non-payment issues. In the process he had his car repossessed, and went back home after selling all his furniture and appliances, in order to pay for his return to Cape Town.    

“Every month we are getting paid, maybe we must get straight to Mr Cheslyn”, Azwi Phasha told Metro FM on Wednesday night.

“I get paid every single month, yes I process all the payments. Yes definitely.

“We had a challenge for the past three months with late payments, it was like 5 or 6 days after the month. That is true. Let’s get to the story of Cheslyn. There were three months where we had a bit of a delay.”

“Cheslyn when he arrived at the club, when we signed him, we thought he was gonna bring value to the club,” continued Azwi Phasha. 

“What happened was the technical team was not happy with his performances. They were playing him at left back and centre back, and they were trying to circulate him in all these positions that they could play him in. Of the 12 games we played, he only played two games and of the two games he didn’t deliver. At training he wasn’t delivering, so we thought let’s come to an agreement to terminate the contract. What we thought we’ll get from him was not coming. So we said, let’s separate in good faith.”

  “We did not pay him on time, because he didn’t agree to the termination amount,” added the TTM team manager.  

“It’s not as if since he arrived at the club, that he didn’t get a single salary. Yes he got a salary (one and a half) then we wanted to terminate. How do we pay him, when we are still negotiating his termination?” 

“We owe him two and a half, so we are obviously gonna negotiate that. As we speak we don’t owe any player, we owe Mr Jampies, that I can admit, but the rest of the guys we don’t owe anyone. The stories that are running around are only for Mr Jampies. Just leave us alone, everything in our camp is fine, let’s not demoralise our players, I don’t know why you are always on our case on a daily basis. People have problems in South African football, you only picking on us. We had problems, now they are solved, we no longer have problems anymore. Let him move on with his life.”

Captain Cheslyn Jampies leading Tshakhuma Tsha Madzivhandila (TTM) in the Motsepe Foundation Championship
Captain Cheslyn Jampies leading TTM in the Motsepe Foundation Championship