TTM Captain Terminates Contract 

Captain Cheslyn Jampies leading Tshakhuma Tsha Madzivhandila (TTM) in the Motsepe Foundation Championship

TTM Captain Cheslyn Jampies has terminated his contract, after his club, TTM, failed to pay his salary for four months. This seems to be a growing trend in Limpopo with unpaid monthly salaries. The former Sekhukhune United fullback’s contract was not renewed at Babina Noko, his previous club, via a letter sent to his phone. This time, at TTM  he chose to cut ties himself. In this mini interview Jampies shares his troubles with ThisIsFootball.Africa.

Joshua Hendricks (JH): Tell me about your initial experiences at TTM, when you first arrived?

Cheslyn Jampies (CJ): “Well initially when I arrived, I could see they were a little disorganised. When I arrived I was told to go and stay at the club house. Which was not part of the agreement because of my marital status. I thought the club had good intentions with me, as I was made club captain as a result of my hard work during the pre-season”

JH : What led to you terminating your contract with TTM ?

CJ : “Let’s get one thing out of the way, I was not the one that wanted to terminate my contract, they have been wanting to terminate because I spoke on behalf of my players. I was asking about our money. It was in the second month of not being paid. But after considering what’s been happening, my lawyer and I decided that terminating the contract is for the best. I mean I had been working for 3 months and still I have never been paid. It’s sad.”

“I lost my car within the first two months of employment at TTM. After I had begged the owner Masala Mulaudzi to help me. If he could at least pay for my car. I then got tired of having to deal with the dealership who obviously kept calling me. I asked them to call Mr Mulaudzi directly which they did. As a result of his promises that he had made them, but never stuck to those promises, my car was repossessed. You could imagine how I felt after travelling so far to Louis Trichard (Limpopo) then this being the standard. It’s a shame that this is allowed in our football. The owner opted not to accept my calls. He has never spoken to me as to why he would do this to me or any player for that matter.”

“What’s the most painful part is that I would be the one that went to the clubs houses where the younger boys stayed only to find that they had been without food and electricity for a few days. Being a senior that learnt from good seniors like Nasief Morris, Moneeb Joseph, Tyren Arendse, Shaba Mbogoto and Clayton Daniels, I would help and try where I could. Being a club captain I stood as a mouthpiece for the player.”

“But TTM has too many liars and people out to finish Mulaudzi’s money. Their focus is not football at all, nor the development of players. The only thing a footballer loves more than anything else is when the environment we work in has trust and loyalty. I have begged the Chairman for me and him to have a sit down. But that just never happened. The problems are because of how the Chairman and the head coach manipulate and lie to the players. The power the Chairman has given the manager Azwi Pasha in the club is being abused by the two assistant coaches. I have said that to him in the second week of my stay at TTM.

“Whenever we would speak about talking to the chairman about certain concerns, we also had to keep in mind that we have a task to compete, and to keep the younger ones focused.”

“The assistant coach Lucky Nchilindi and Beks (Beckem) would stand up and tell us how they would be drinking with the Chairman. He would elaborate on the amounts they spent R100 000 on VIP tags and alcohol lists which would amount to R100 000. I asked well then why can’t you speak to the Chairman. His response was “he will take it personal”, and this would be while we were still waiting for our money from the Chairman. Hence my summary of TTM not being well organised or well oiled.

“I had to sell every piece of furniture we had. This was furniture my family and I had bought over the years. I had to do that just so that we get money to get back home. I have no problem with how anyone runs a club, nor your decisions as a chairman. But they must have reliable people that will protect you or your brand all the time. This was not happening at the club. “

JH: So what is the plan now ?

CJ: ” My plan now is that I am home with my loved ones and family after 6 months of pain, suffering, tears, lies, hunger and  just dishonesty as a whole. So I will take this time to refresh, recover from this upsetting setback and God will guide me next through my family.”

JH: Anything else that you want to add?

” Yeah all I will say is I feel abused. I am not in a good head space because of what has happened. I lost everything because of TTM. Look it’s Christmas now, what gifts will I have for my loved ones. Everyone that knows me knows I love giving more than I receive 

I have not had a salary for the last 4 months. How is this fair? Where are our rights as players? How is this allowed? 

How did our football get to this, and if you are smart, just check who are the teams that are doing this to the players and check the provinces.” 

“The next time I will earn a salary would be January if God permits. I also want to say thanks to the TTM supporters for the love they have shown me.”

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TTM in the Motsepe Foundation Championship
TTM in the Motsepe Foundation Championship